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Book Reviews
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Warriors: The New Prophecy #1: Midnight
by Erin Hunter

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It's really good if you love cats but warriors is also just amazing! Definitely read this!

One Jar Of Magic
by Corey Ann Haydu

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It’s worth it to read until the end.

Shelby & Watts Tide Pool Troubles
by Ashlyn Anstee

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It hade facts about sea creatures and it was mysterious.

swimming with dolphins
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i felt like there was no narrative structure

The Babysitters Club Collection
by Ann M. Martin

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These books are awesome. Read them so many times.

Wings Of Fire: Winglets Quartet
by Tui Sutherland

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I really recommend his book to dragon loving fans. If you love short story’s and comprehensive adventures this is just for you. It’s good too.

Fox In Socks
by Dr. Seuss

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I like the pictures.

Wrecking Ball (diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book 14)
by Jeff Kinney

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Very fun and exciting book. Seems like a little boy wrote it. Very funny.

Wings Of Fire: The Lost Heir: A Graphic Novel (wings Of Fire Graphic Novel #2)
by Tui T. Sutherland

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I completed the graphic novel in 15 minutes during SSR. So the book is about a heir named tsunami who is looking for her mother. Supposedly there is a lot of story’s about tsunami’s mother searching for her daughter. On their way of finding the sea palace, they stumble across a sea wing soldier and his name is riptide. Tsunamis explains that she might be the lost princess. They prove riptide by lighting her wings. So riptide brings tsunami back to the sea palace which is very hidden. The greeting soldiers usually attack on instinct when a mudwing comes. Instead of killing they in dungeon him. Her mother embraces tsunami and her sister anemone is on a harness because Queen coral does not want to lose another daughter. Her sister is an animus (sorcerer). At the morning tsunami meets queen blaze. The prophecy consider on choosing her but is not sure. At the morning meal tsunami has no manners and slurps up a squid tentacle in seconds. The council gasps but only the one in the corner right doesn’t . That’s all I got to because I was in the bathroom

by Banana Yoshimoto

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A peaceful tale to be read in the Summer and one that beautifully mixes themes of grief and love.